My name is Saurab Babu.

I’m a Masters student in Environmental Management at Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, India. I have done my Bachelor’s in Geology.

Apart from my credentials in the field of ecology and environment, I am also a big environmentalist at heart. I truly believe that our priorities as a species is misplaced; mindless economic development at the cost of ecological degradation is going to have negative long-term implications.

While I would really like the priorities to switch, I’m also a pragmatist. Relinquishing human society progress to conserve the environment is not going to happen anytime soon. Therefore, in this environmental blog, I attempt to educate the world about ecological and environmental aspects, share my opinions on a lot of human-nature interactions and suggest ways to make sure our development minimally affects these aspects.

Over time, though, we have to change our tactics for progress. Capitalism is not the answer to development. Environmentalism, is. We have got to make the world aware of this so that together, change our course in a safer, happier direction.

You will see a lot of human bashing in my posts, but that’s warranted. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts. More than that, I really hope you will also take up this cause of making the world ecologically intelligent. Or as I like to put it, “Eco-Intelligent“.

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Making the world ecologically intelligent