Category: Environmental Degradation

Dams: The sediment problem

Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister called Dams the temples of Modern India. This was a time when dams were a novelty, and everything was hunky dory. People could see only benefits and the high points that the dam offered (figuratively and literally). It was “the solution” to […]

India’s forest revival saga

Dear 21st century humans, Looks like the Indian government is taking some proactive steps in working towards an ecological lifestyle for it’s citizens. It has been recently announced that the government plans to spend over $6 billion in reviving the forests in India. They would like to bring […]

“Anthropizing” the Earth

Dear 21st century humans, We’ve taken the process of immortalizing ourselves to another level completely. Our footprint on this world is much bigger than what I earlier shared. I’m sure you have studied the spheres of the Earth’s ecosystem. They are- Hydrosphere- water. Lithosphere- land. Atmosphere- Air. Biosphere- […]