Category: Natural Resources Management

Overcoming Land Degradation

Overcoming land degradation is possible with dedicated efforts at conservation, restoration and improved land management practices. It can be achieved by preventing soil erosion, increasing green cover, improving agricultural practices, changing our grazing practices, and support sustainable consumption and production.

Restoring a degraded site: Process to follow

Restoration ecology is an up and coming field with a huge number of applications. Sites ranging from minespoils, degraded rangelands, wastelands and floodplains have been recognized with immediate need for ecological restoration. But essentially, the blueprint for the restoration project remains the same. What is that?

How to identify invasive species around you?

It is important to identify and contain invasive species in your neighborhood. If you don’t, they can cause allergies, destroy your home gardens and stop other plants and animals from flourishing in your area. In this post, understand how you can contain and even get rid of invasive species in your neighborhood.