Surfing and Science: A new partnership!

Surfers have always had a close relationship with marine lifeforms and oceanographic processes. They are probably best suited to understand the changes occuring here, having spent their entire lives next to the ocean.  Recognizing that, we now have the emergence of Surfing Ecology! The Surfing Ecologist logo. Thanks to Jessica Maris for the kelp art, […]

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World Habitat Day

October 3rd of every year is celebrated as World Habitat Day. This is to recognize that the Earth is home not just for us, but for all the billions of organisms that live here. Every organism needs it’s habitat (home) for it to survive. Unfortunately, humans have managed to enter into every habitat and abuse it. Habitat […]

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It’s Earth day! Remember?

Dear 21st century humans, It’s April 22nd. It’s Earth Day. Let’s take a moment to reflect on this- “Earth Day”. One day, in the entire year where we are supposed to celebrate Earth. One day of the year, where probably half the people in this world will be aware of this “day”, and less than […]

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Well, that’s an idea

Dear 21st century humans, I recently came across this picture on instagram, and I found it alarming and funny and ironic all at the same time. Now really. It’s sad that we will one day reach a stage when there are so many humans that we can afford to have guards for all the endangered […]

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