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Is your poop entering the groundwater?

Human waste, leaked from sewers, untreated sewage and poorly designed landfills, is one of the biggest causes of groundwater contamination today. How can groundwater pollution from human waste be prevented and what can you do as an individual?

Project Nawah: Swapping plastic with bamboo

The plastic menace continues to grow, threatening human life and lives across ecosystems. Project Nawah, a student initiative, recognizes bamboo as a sustainable alternative. This is their story of how they empowered marginalized women to spearhead the switch from plastic to bamboo products.

cooling effect of trees in cities

Why is it cooler around trees?

Trees cool the air in 2 ways: 1) by intercepting sunlight (shading), they allow less heat to reach the ground; 2) by transpiration cooling, which is the cooling effect caused when water from stomata gets converted into water vapor and evaporates.


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