Land degradation: Role of Overgrazing

A background to this problem Grazing is an activity that has been part of the environment long before humans came into the picture. Many of the grazers today; horses, cows, buffaloes, bisons, have ancestors who were also grazers. They survived in the grasslands that were extensive in the […]

How to identify invasive species around you?

It is important to identify and contain invasive species in your neighborhood. If you don’t, they can cause allergies, destroy your home gardens and stop other plants and animals from flourishing in your area. In this post, understand how you can contain and even get rid of invasive species in your neighborhood.

Why the COP21 Paris Agreement means absolutely nothing in the wake of 21st century environmental crises — Millennial Environmental Issues

“We’re still pinning our survival on a capitalist system, mainly because it’s a structure we’ve always known, instead of acknowledging our survival in the greater system–the ecosystem.”   To begin, the COP21 Paris Agreement was not legally binding in the slightest. While it may be a great feat for […]