About Us

Our Mission

Eco-intelligent is an environment blog with a mission to be a resource for environmental education and discourse. We dream of a world that is ecologically intelligent or as well call it, “Eco-intelligent”.

What you can find here

The blog covers topics on Climate Change, Natural Resources Management, Disaster Management, Environmental Law and Policy, Ecology, and more.

The content is a combination of thought-provoking opinion pieces, clearly explained concepts of ecology and environmental science, international updates and interesting phenomena in the natural world. Along with providing you with information and resource material, we are actively trying to introduce practicality and the ground reality of environmental issues into our posts.

Our Journey

Like all blogs, this blog had modest beginnings. In September 2015, it began as a simple collection of letters addressed to the world on the gross environmental degradation occurring in the world. There was no agenda or dream; it was just a way to “vent”.

In September 2016, when Saurab (see below) entered into university for a Master’s degree in Environment Management, the blog became an efficient way to record additional course material that could be of use to his classmates as well as the general environmental science student population of India and the world. As the audience and appreciation grew, the blog evolved to encompass various different topics, popular and niche, in environmental science.

Today, Eco-intelligent is a growing platform for environmental discussions and information on the internet.

It tries to involve as many people as possible in the environment conversation. We have regular contributors as well as guest writers.

Our Writers and Contributors


Saurab Babu is the founder and chief editor of Eco-intelligent. Presently, he works as a consultant, specializing in project designing and resource mobilization in the field of Natural Resources Management (NRM). He is a firm believer of environmental pragmatism, hoping to support initiatives that foster economic growth with environmental sustainability. He is extremely content with spending the entire day sitting with a good book and some dark chocolate.


Priyadarshan Pandey– Not a regular blogger, Priyadarshan agreed to do a series of posts on water for me as a special favor. He is known for hit wit and humor. He is also very knowledgeable in aspects related to the environment. His other passions include football; Priyadarshan is a huge Barcelona fan.



Nidhi Singh is a blogger who writes on a variety of things on her blog, Brown Little Sparrow. She is also an environmentalist, with a Master’s in Environment Management. Nidhi contributes to this blog in areas of water, disaster management, biodiversity and climate change.


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