About Us

Our Mission

Are you looking to complete an assignment or ace an environmental science exam?

Do you want to have an interesting conversation about nature and natural phenomena at a dinner party? Over coffee?

Do you want to help the planet a little by being more environment-friendly?

You’re in the right place.

Our mission is to help you learn at least one new thing about the environment today.

Browse the Menu, explore the Home Page or Search for what your mood fancies!

What you can find here

Eco-intelligent is an environment blog which covers topics on climate change, natural resources management, disaster management, environmental law and policy, ecology, sustainability and more.

We share information and our thoughts in various forms:

  • Opinion pieces
  • Explanations of ecological concepts
  • Interesting phenomena in the natural world
  • Stories about nature
  • Interesting case studies in the environmental sciences
  • Tips to help you lead a more sustainable life!

Our Journey

Like all blogs, this blog had modest beginnings. In September 2015, it began as a simple collection of letters addressed to the world on the gross environmental degradation occurring in the world. There was no agenda or dream; it was just a way to “vent”.

In September 2016, when Saurab entered into university for a Master’s degree in Environment Management, the blog became an efficient way to record additional course material that could be of use to his classmates and other environmental science students in India and the world. As the audience and appreciation grew, the blog evolved to encompass various different topics, popular and niche, in environmental science.

Today, Eco-intelligent is a growing platform for environmental discussions and information on the internet.

It tries to involve as many people as possible in the environment conversation. We have regular contributors and guest writers.

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