Writers and Contributors

Saurab Babu

Saurab Babu is the founder of Eco-intelligent. He dabbles in a lot of things, and is currently consulting with organizations to design natural resources management projects. His ambition is to become a good storyteller. You can usually find him sitting with a good book, nibbling on some dark chocolate.

Priyadarshan Pandey

Not a regular blogger, Priyadarshan Pandey came onboard to do a series of posts on water. He is known for his wit and humor. His keen insight into environmental phenomena never ceases to amaze me. His other passions include football; Priyadarshan is a huge Barcelona fan.

Nidhi Singh

Nidhi writes on a variety of things on her blog, Brown Little Sparrow. She is also an environmentalist, with a Master’s in Environment Management. Nidhi contributes to this blog in areas of water, disaster management, biodiversity and climate change.