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Environmentalism: A change is needed

I had originally posted this on The Martian Poet, as part of a campaign I am a part of. But I think this applies to every single one of us today, which is why I’m also posting it on Eco-Intelligent (an edited version) Environmentalism and sustainable development are the […]

Arctic sea ice about to hit a record low

From The Guardian Arctic sea ice cover could be confirmed within days as the second lowest ever recorded, the latest data suggests. According to the US national snow and ice data centre (NSIDC) the ice which forms and disperses annually has been close to its minimum extent for […]

Environmental Impact Assessment-Creativity

EIA is a process not set in stone. It is growing, ever-changing. Each new study comes up with different challenges, different situations. And each of them, need to be tackled a tad bit differently. Therefore, the more creative you can be, the more permutations and combinations you can […]

World Environment Day

Dear 21st century humans, Today, I daydreamed a lot about primary school, when this day was quite a big deal. World Environment Day. Everyone in class would come with newspaper clippings and articles and pictures to put up on our class board, along with some small session where […]

We are at a watershed moment

Dear 21st century humans, Our generation is a special one. We may be the last one to see some beauty on this planet. Or we can take responsibility and make this planet sustainable for the generations to come. The result, is in our hands. The other day, I came across […]