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Land degradation: Role of Overgrazing

A background to this problem Grazing is an activity that has been part of the environment long before humans came into the picture. Many of the grazers today; horses, cows, buffaloes, bisons, have ancestors who were also grazers. They survived in the grasslands that were extensive in the […]

Invasive species: Are there any around you?

Considering the amazing potential these species have to spread (see here), and the fact that the globalized world has easily allowed the spread of this ecological menace (see here for some examples), chances are pretty good that there is an invasive species (alien species) in your surroundings. Take a […]

Surfing and Science: A new partnership!

Surfers have always had a close relationship with marine lifeforms and oceanographic processes. They are probably best suited to understand the changes occuring here, having spent their entire lives next to the ocean.  Recognizing that, we now have the emergence of Surfing Ecology! The Surfing Ecologist logo. Thanks […]

Environmentalism: A change is needed

I had originally posted this on The Martian Poet, as part of a campaign I am a part of. But I think this applies to every single one of us today, which is why I’m also posting it on Eco-Intelligent (an edited version) Environmentalism and sustainable development are the […]