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Overcoming Land Degradation

Land degradation (also called soil degradation) is continuing to grow into a major problem in today’s world. While it threatens biodiversity and the living standards of other living species, the largest effect of this by far, is on human life. More importantly, land degradation has seriously taken a […]

Land degradation: Role of Overgrazing

A background to this problem Grazing is an activity that has been part of the environment long before humans came into the picture. Many of the grazers today; horses, cows, buffaloes, bisons, have ancestors who were also grazers. They survived in the grasslands that were extensive in the […]

Land degradation: Role of water erosion

The most significant cause of land degradation in India is water erosion. It has amounted to loss of 10.98%  and 10.83% of total land lost in the period of 2011-2013 and 2003-05, respectively (Desertification and Land degradation Atlas of India, ISRO). Water erosion here, does not include the natural […]

Land degradation: A creeping danger

Land is probably the most used natural resource in the world. There are very, very few places on land that humans haven’t yet used in some way for our activities (directly or indirectly). Among the variety of uses, the ones that top the list in terms of extent […]