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How do oceans determine regional climatic conditions? Part I- Effect

This post is part of a series of posts written by Priyadarshan Pandey. 

Welcome back, watermen (no?)!

So, in the last couple of posts we talked about the reason for my importance, my structure on an atomic level and the properties it generates, and my role in sustaining life on earth. And we talked about my birth and cosmological significance. Today I would like to resume this conversation, but on a more local level (both temporally and spatially). Continue reading How do oceans determine regional climatic conditions? Part I- Effect


Feedback loops: Regulating natural processes

When it gets really cold, what happens to your body? First you start shivering. Then, if you don’t take the hint and get warm, some of your body parts become numb. Keep this up, and soon, it’ll become blue. So will your mood.

Similarly, what happens when it gets really hot? You sweat. You sweat some more. If you don’t get cool, soon you’ll start to feel faint. You might actually faint.

All of this is part of a mechanism in our body. We are warm-blooded creatures, and our body has the ability to maintain its internal temperature. It also maintains the pH of fluids in our body.

Such processes are not restricted to humans, or even specific organisms. Increase the scale, and you will find such regulation of features even within a population or in an ecosystem. This ability to regulate an environmental process is solely because of a concept called feedback mechanism (or feedback loops). Continue reading Feedback loops: Regulating natural processes