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How do oceans determine regional climatic conditions-Part II

Well, hello there!

I know it has been a while, but with the ever warmer summers that we have been having (thanks for that, by the way) I get extremely busy this time of year. Now that we are back we shall continue our discussion on the effects of oceans on the world climate, and subsequently, the contemporary world. This post is the continuation of the effects of oceans on regional climate. If you haven’t read it already, please do so by clicking here. Caught up? Good, let us continue. Continue reading How do oceans determine regional climatic conditions-Part II


Surfing and Science: A new partnership!

Surfers have always had a close relationship with marine lifeforms and oceanographic processes. They are probably best suited to understand the changes occuring here, having spent their entire lives next to the ocean. 

Recognizing that, we now have the emergence of Surfing Ecology!

The Surfing Ecologist logo. Thanks to Jessica Maris for the kelp art, QUEST for the diver, and creative input from Allie Tissot. Are you as interested in the kelp as the swell in the lineup? Do you ponder what lives underwater as you wait for waves? Do you watch the jellyfish and stingrays zing by while […]

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