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The Snow Leopard: Ghost of the Himalayas

The mighty Himalayas is home to many species. Besides providing ecological and economic services, the largest mountain range in the world has numerous unique ecosystems hidden within, which have rich biodiversity. The Himalayan high altitude areas located above the forests – the alpine meadows and the cold deserts […]

Restoring minespoils

(The reason posts on restoration ecology is coming thick and fast is because I have an exam on this subject tomorrow. Might as well blog and study at the same time!) Minespoils are one of the most degraded bits of land to have been generated by human activity. […]

Overcoming Land Degradation

Land degradation (also called soil degradation) is continuing to grow into a major problem in today’s world. While it threatens biodiversity and the living standards of other living species, the largest effect of this by far, is on human life. More importantly, land degradation has seriously taken a […]

Restoring a degraded site: Process to follow

Restoration ecology is an up and coming field with a huge number of applications. Sites ranging from minespoils, degraded rangelands, wastelands and floodplains have been recognized with immediate need for ecological restoration. But essentially, the blueprint for the restoration project remains the same. What is that?