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cooling effect of trees in cities

Why is it cooler around trees?

Trees cool the air in 2 ways: 1) by intercepting sunlight (shading), they allow less heat to reach the ground; 2) by transpiration cooling, which is the cooling effect caused when water from stomata gets converted into water vapor and evaporates.

India’s forest revival saga

Looks like the Indian government is taking some proactive steps in working towards an ecological lifestyle for it’s citizens. It has been recently announced that the government plans to spend over $6 billion in reviving the forests in India. They would like to bring to total forest cover […]

It’s Earth day! Remember?

Dear 21st century humans, It’s April 22nd. It’s Earth Day. Let’s take a moment to reflect on this- “Earth Day”. One day, in the entire year where we are supposed to celebrate Earth. One day of the year, where probably half the people in this world will be […]