Portugal goes 4 straight days on renewable energy

Dear 21st century humans,

You read that right.

In the 3rd week of May, Portugal reached zero carbon emission point by powering the entire country for 107 hours on wind, solar and hydro power.

This is significant, considering the fact that 5 years ago, this was unthinkable. Day by day, events around the world are proving just how much renewable energy sources have developed and how it’s going to easily overtake the fossil fuels in the next 15 years.

Just the other day, I was talking to a colleague of mine who was telling me how he wanted to install solar panels in his factory. He said that he tried to do the same 5 years ago, and the price per unit was 12 rupees. Just last year, he tried again, and to his shock found out that the price is now 6 rupees per unit!

I see bright days in the future. And I mean literally. Europe is well on it’s way to sustain itself completely on renewable sources in the next 10 years. Norway, Sweden, now Germany and Portugal are showing the way that this is not only practical, but also feasible. Can’t tell you how happy I am.


The ecointelligent dreamer.

Author: Saurab Babu

Usually found sitting with a good book, nibbling on a piece of dark chocolate. Always ready for a good story.

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