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Eco-intelligent is an environment blog about making the world ecologically intelligent, or "eco-intelligent". It aims to be a resource for environmental education and discourse.

In this blog, I cover a wide range of topics related to the environment, primarily in India.

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“Anthropizing” the Earth

Dear 21st century humans, We’ve taken the process of immortalizing ourselves to another level completely. Our footprint on this world is much bigger than what I earlier shared. I’m sure you have studied the spheres of the Earth’s ecosystem. They are- Hydrosphere- water. Lithosphere- land. Atmosphere- Air. Biosphere- […]

…To the 21st century humans- part 2

(To read Part 1 of the letter to the 21st century humans, click here.) Dear 21st century humans, All sarcasm and jokes aside, it is really grave that we have consumed all the resources that the Earth can produce to support it’s living systems in a year, before the […]