Monkey tails: The strangest morning alarm ever!

The monkeys probably read my previous post about them, because yesterday morning, I got a visit!

It was early morning, and I was having a bit of a lie in. Suddenly, I hear my wardrobe creak open. My roommate usually walks around the room, but he has never opened my wardrobe, I wondered half asleep. I peek through the sheets and there it was. A big, brown monkey. An adolescent, by the looks of it. Rummaging my wardrobe, in search of something to eat, I’m sure. I froze (I was half asleep, after all). I looked on the floor to see my garbage basket turned upside down and A LOT of banana peels strewn around. Yeah…’s possible it was the banana peels that attracted it.

I look back at the monkey, and realize that it has found the half a dozen bananas I bought for my breakfast just the night before. It pulls it out, settles next to my study table and peels them off one by one. I tried to reach for my camera, but it heard me and looked. I stopped right there (the monkeys here are aggressive, as I mentioned in my previous post). It started gobbling up the bananas so fast, three of them disappeared in about 10 seconds. I decided enough was enough, let’s chase this animal out. I slowly got out of my bed, and started stomping the floor. Did it run? Of course not.

It continued to look at me and eat the bananas, even faster. I stood up and moved towards it. Finally, it budged and moved towards the door. I quickly walked towards the door and it ran out, sat right outside my door and continued to look at me and eat (the nerve of that monkey!). I slammed the door shut. My sleep gone. My breakfast gone.

I now know why the phrase “you are such a monkey!” originated.

I can easily imagine this one proudly chucking at what it’s brother did.

Author: Saurab Babu

Usually found sitting with a good book, nibbling on a piece of dark chocolate. Always ready for a good story.

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