Forest Fires: A burning issue

Forests have been a natural resource that humans have depended on for millions of years. Today, forests are also one of the most “endangered” natural resource. We are cutting down about 13 million hectares of forest per year all over the world. Asia has the lowest forest cover in the world; less than 20% of […]

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Habitat and Niche

The health of an ecosystem directly depends on the species richness and species diversity. Ecosystems have evolved to accommodate more number of individuals and species in it, so as to remain stable despite environmental disturbances. How does an ecosystem achieve this accommodation? There are two major processes that affect the ability of an ecosystem to […]

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Restoration Ecology: One final card up humanity’s sleeve

Let’s start with the bad news. Researchers for the last decade have been coming up with different climate change models and predicting when we will cross the point-of-no-return; the point once crossed, cannot reverse or reduce the impact of climate change anymore. Different researchers have come up with different points-of-no-returns: the more optimistic ones say […]

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Species diversity and Species richness

In scientific literature, you will often find these two terms; “species richness” and “species diversity” being used. While they sound quite similar (and mistakenly used interchangeably by many), they are two different concepts. I’d like to dedicate this blog to explaining what they mean, and why each of them are equally important in sustaining the […]

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