Humans and the Environment: Prehistoric times

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Human beings, like every other living organism, has a relationship with its surrounding environment. This relationship began the moment our species evolved and has been a dynamic relationship ever since. We have interacted with the environment in several ways spread over centuries, and it is important to understand this relationship before we understand the situation today (isn’t that why we study history anyway?).

There is an established field of science called environmental history that deals with the study of this relationship. It is a study focused on (1) how nature has naturally changed since humans evolved (2) how humans have interacted with nature and (3) how nature, in turn, has interacted with us. In fact, the study of environmental history up until the recent past has only focused on the last 100-1000 years. This is but minuscule in our total 2 million years on Earth. In light of this, a…

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Author: Saurab Babu

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