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The Heat Island Effect

When you are living in a city, you naturally feel the need to crank up the AC; whether at home or in your cars. It feels hot, oh so hot. In Delhi, summers can touch temperatures of 45 degree Celsius or more!

But when you move to open spaces, where there is a bit of greenery, you immediately feel the change. There is a breeze that flows, you feel less suffocated and less “closed up”.

Why is that? It’s because cities are, in fact, closed up.

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Growing metropolis

Everyone wants to move to the city. It’s the place to be. It’s where everything is happening. It’s got the goods, the income, the happiness and everything else that everyone could possibly want out of life.

No, this is not a moral article. I’m going to be very practical, and I’m going to take one specific example to show what a growing city means/could mean to the people there, and to the environment there.  Continue reading Growing metropolis