Urbanization trends in India

Since the dawn of the Industrial Era, urbanization is considered to be an inevitable and universal process. This is because urbanization and urban areas have conditions that are prerequisites for the industrial and technological revolutions and the associated economic development that followed. The conditions for industrialization includes access to capital, entrepreneurs ready to use the […]

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Surfing and Science: A new partnership!

Surfers have always had a close relationship with marine lifeforms and oceanographic processes. They are probably best suited to understand the changes occuring here, having spent their entire lives next to the ocean.  Recognizing that, we now have the emergence of Surfing Ecology! The Surfing Ecologist logo. Thanks to Jessica Maris for the kelp art, […]

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Growing metropolis

Everyone wants to move to the city. It’s the place to be. It’s where everything is happening. It’s got the goods, the income, the happiness and everything else that everyone could possibly want out of life. No, this is not a moral article. I’m going to be very practical, and I’m going to take one […]

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