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World Environment Day

Dear 21st century humans, Today, I daydreamed a lot about primary school, when this day was quite a big deal. World Environment Day. Everyone in class would come with newspaper clippings and articles and pictures to put up on our class board, along with some small session where […]

Renewable sources of energy: The Reality

Dear 21st century humans, Now, we can actually call ourselves 21st century humans because of certain technological advances in sustainable development. And where better can this originate, than Germany, which is called the most sustainable country in the world by some? On Sunday, 8th of May 2016, Germany […]

We are at a watershed moment

Dear 21st century humans, Our generation is a special one. We may be the last one to see some beauty on this planet. Or we can take responsibility and make this planet sustainable for the generations to come. The result, is in our hands. The other day, I came across […]

Dams: The sediment problem

Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister called Dams the temples of Modern India. This was a time when dams were a novelty, and everything was hunky dory. People could see only benefits and the high points that the dam offered (figuratively and literally). It was “the solution” to […]

India’s forest revival saga

Looks like the Indian government is taking some proactive steps in working towards an ecological lifestyle for it’s citizens. It has been recently announced that the government plans to spend over $6 billion in reviving the forests in India. They would like to bring to total forest cover […]

Climate change. Global Warming. What?!

Dear 21st century humans, There’s one thing that we have always heard when it comes to our environment. Well, three actually. These are buzz phrases that are thrown around by scientists, news anchors and politicians WHENEVER there is talk of the environment. Climate change. Global Warming. Greenhouse effect. Oh […]