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Monkey tails

Living in the Forest Research Institute is an amazing experience. Having lived in Delhi for the last 5 years (and Bangalore and Moscow before that), I realized what fresh air smells like, what it feels like to breathe it regularly. It is amazing waking up to the beautiful […]

Ecological Niche: Hypervolume model

Niche is the idea of a profession for organisms in its ecosystem. It is a concept that describes the function that an organism carries out in the ecosystem. But this function is defined by many parameters prevent within the ecosystem. Depending on these parameters, the niche of an […]

Biomagnification: Nature’s karma

(100th post on Eco-Intelligent!) This may sound like a philosophical post, but it’s not. Nevertheless, I really do feel that the effect biomagnification has on humans is very much like karma (coming back bigger and greater than ever before). Don’t get it? Read on!