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Biomagnification: Nature’s karma

(100th post on Eco-Intelligent!) This may sound like a philosophical post, but it’s not. Nevertheless, I really do feel that the effect biomagnification has on humans is very much like karma (coming back bigger and greater than ever before). Don’t get it? Read on!

Floodplains: All you need to know

Floodplains are a fascinating piece of landscape. Problem is, we never talk about it. Rivers tend to hog all the limelight. When it comes to economic needs, the river is studied more closely; what fishes can we derive, what is the discharge of the river, whether a dam […]

African Elephants: Fighting to stay alive

African elephants are majestic creatures. They are the largest land mammals in the world. They inhabit almost the entire continent of Africa, and occur is two major subspecies: the larger and more widely known Savannah (or bush) elephants and the slightly smaller Forest elephants. The forest elephants are […]

Mosquitoes: A necessary evil

Let me make this clear. I hate mosquitoes. They are noisy, irritating and somehow manage to find your ears and buzz next to them even when you cover yourself up completely. Also, I’m not a fan of itching every part of my body they decide to have their meal from. […]