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Human-wildlife conflict: Poaching

It’s one thing to kill animals when they are affecting the way you live. It can even be justified in some cases. Go to a man who’s son has been eaten by a leopard, and he’ll say, “Yes, I want to kill that leopard!” But, killing animals to enhance the […]

Environment and religion

The environment has been a part of human observation and manipulation since humans evolved. Naturally, once human beings developed the concepts of language, speech and complex thinking, the importance of the environment and nature would have been a big topic for them. Nature was thought to be a […]

Invasive species: Are there any around you?

Considering the amazing potential these species have to spread (see here), and the fact that the globalized world has easily allowed the spread of this ecological menace (see here for some examples), chances are pretty good that there is an invasive species (alien species) in your surroundings. Take a […]

Great Australian Bight also at risk

Australia is extremely lucky to have such ecological riches. The Great Australian Bight is one of them. Now, that is also fighting for its survival. Conservation groups have been waging war against oil drilling into the vast underwater of the Great Australian Bight located in the Southern Sea, […]