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Oil market crash: What does it mean for green recovery and renewable energy?

Sustainability pundits are pushing for green recovery packages to stimulate growth as we try to recover from COVID-19. But the oil markets have crashed, giving us an abundance of crude oil to work with. What impact will this have on green recovery, and in particular, renewable energy?

The US miraculously reduce carbon emissions

Drastically different from what pundits claimed when Trump left the Paris Climate Agreement, US has decreased its greenhouse gas emissions over the last one year. The Energy Information Administration’s report claims that increase in renewables, decrease in coal-based energy and an increase in natural gas usage for energy […]

Renewable sources of energy: The Reality

Dear 21st century humans, Now, we can actually call ourselves 21st century humans because of certain technological advances in sustainable development. And where better can this originate, than Germany, which is called the most sustainable country in the world by some? On Sunday, 8th of May 2016, Germany […]