GHG Inventories- a measure to manage

Under the Paris Agreement, countries are required to come up with an inventory system to look at the quantity of greenhouse gases being emitted and removed from the atmosphere.

Here’s a simple, and detailed description of this system and what it is supposed to achieve.

Agenda For Survival

The Earth’s climate has been evolving since the beginning of time but the manifestations of future catastrophes can now be seen. From frequent earthquakes, drying up of rivers and lakes to the disastrous situation in Kerala, the damage is perceivable.  The situation has been demanding remedial measures especially since human activity is a cause. Keeping this in mind countries from all over the world united, to look for and implement solutions. With this came the concept of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventories.

A National Greenhouse Gas Inventory is “an estimate of all emissions and removals of greenhouse gases (GHG) from given sources or sinks from a defined
region in a specific period of time.”

Rephrasing an old saying, “measurement is required for management” is the idea of GHG Inventories. Devised during the adoption of UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol, these inventories act as raw materials to a full fledged process. Greenhouse…

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