Environmental History: Rise of the vegetarians

Vegetarianism has been closely linked to animal conservation for millenia. Today, it could prove vital if we are to control land degradation and (possibly) even climate change.

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vegetarian diet and climate change के लिए चित्र परिणाम

For a while now, scientists have been professing a switch to a vegetarian diet to counter the impacts of climate change. On March 26, 2016, there was an article on TIME magazine as well, about this. According to that article, livestock contributes more than 14% of greenhouse emission, and this figure could grow to 50% by 2050, with growing population and the need for more food.

This call for a vegan diet, however, is not recent at all.

The earliest call to switch to a vegan diet can be dated back to 740 B.C, when Isaiah, a Hebrew prophet, called for a switch to diet to prevent animal sacrifice. Similarly, Buddhism and Jainism grew in India between 000-500 B.C, and both faiths proposed a vegan diet to prevent cruelty against animals. Jainism went so far as to state that it is not enough to live and let live, we have…

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